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    Congrats to the quarter final winners
    Ripple Effect, LPI, , Hydrosense Water Warriors!

    Erie Hack

    Erie Hack


    Across Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit and Toledo Erie Hack will bring together coders, developers, engineers, data experts, and water professionals to generate creative solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest ~challenges.~ Join the effort by attending a Hackathon event in one of these cities.

    Explore the data we’re collecting here: Lake Erie Aqua Hacking Data Portal

    For more information about Erie Hack & accessing the data read here: Erie Hack 2017

    Congrats to the quarter final winners!
    Ripple Effect, LPI, , Hydrosense Water Warriors

    Cleveland Housing Hackathon

    Thanks to all our participants and congratulations to the winners!

    To view recapping of the event, please visit

    Data used for these challenges can be found in the Housing & Development Data sets.

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