About Us

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, DigitalC aspires to be a leading advocate for the digital transformation of communities across the nation. Recognizing the importance of transitioning to a digital economy, DigitalC engages technology leaders to set a new civic agenda, accelerates the access, adoption, and use of data-driven solutions, and develops intentional, inclusive neighborhoods where innovators can live, work and play.

The Civic Insights Hub arose as a key piece of this initiative, as DigitalC recognized the need for more accessibility, quality, and variety in data availability. Launched in 2016 and run by the Next Gen Apps and Services team, the portal contains 60+ datasets for use by developers, researchers, residents and more in the Northeast Ohio region.


Our Mission

The quality of life of our region is challenged by a range of complex social issues, many of which could be addressed through data-driven insights and fact-based solutions fueled by publicly available data. Currently, many non-profit organizations and public agencies want to share the wealth of data that they store, but it is difficult to access and lives in disparate digital and paper-based systems across multiple departments. The aggregation, availability, and analysis of public data is crucial for enabling the rich insights that can solve a wide range of complex social issues.

The mission of the Civic Insights Hub is to provide community-wide access to open data that can be used to address and improve complex issues. We seek to transform the way that the city runs on data and to empower the use of data to create active and engaged decisions. We believe that this will result in more impact and meaningful community outcomes, enhancing life for every citizen in our region.


Our Vision

Over time, we hope to add data covering an extensive range of topic areas and from a variety of organizations across the region. More datasets will be made available in the coming months.

Our long term vision is to change the culture and the mindset around data and technology in the Northeast Ohio region. We want to encourage users to embrace open data, incorporate data into their decision-making, and engage in better practices around the use and maintenance of data. We seek to do this in a few key ways:

  • Strengthening the capacity of organizations to use data through DataSmart Bootcamps, which position current and potential employees to become data-­savvy professionals prepared for 21st century jobs
  • Providing analytics services through our team of data scientists to provide organizations with additional capacity to solve complex social problems through data and analytics
  • Fostering the creation of apps, visualizations, and tools that build on publicly available data to develop new insight about how the region functions. We encourage developers to share their apps or visualizations so that we can highlight their work and share the benefits with the region
  • Encouraging and educating organizations and agencies on the development of better practices and procedures around data-sharing, curating data, maintaining datasets, and utilizing data to make decisions in their work
  • Increasing efficiency of data related work through the creation of automated data pipelines to coordinate data dependencies and support better data integration
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