Submit a Suggestion to the Data Inventory

What kinds of traffic accidents occur in your neighborhood? Where are the bike lanes downtown? Who has access to broadband Internet in the region?

On the Civic Insights Hub, we provide data to answer these questions and many more. We are continuing to procure, clean, and publish data on a regular basis, but cannot publish everything all at once. As a result, we want your input on which datasets to prioritize releasing on the hub. Please submit any suggestions that you may have in the form below. We promise to read and carefully consider all suggestions in our process.

How do we prioritize datasets?
We solicit the input of a wide array of community partners, researchers, and citizens through regular advisory group meetings. They pointed us to the direction of many data sources in the Northeast Ohio region. We seek to include and publish data that meets as many of the following guidelines as possible:

  • Is available online
  • Is the best source available for the type of data
  • Provides or is based on structured, machine-readable data
  • Contributes to the public good and/or civic engagement
  • Is documented (pertains to downloadable data)
  • Is available on an ongoing basis from a reliable source
  • High level of granularity without compromising privacy

We remove items that track information about employees, that could pose a security threat to the area if released, or that include data of poor or questionable quality.
We'll continue to use this list of guidelines, and potentially add to it, when reviewing public submissions of data for inclusion in Civic Insights Hub.

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